Like you, I’m a rental property owner. I own and have managed real estate since 1990. My company is independent and is not affiliated with a Realty company that focuses on sales. I believe it is important to be an expert in your market place, we therefore live in, an exclusively manage properties in Harford County.

We stay on top of the changing market in order to achieve the highest return on investment. We market and show properties in advance of an existing tenant’s move out. This allows us to ask a higher price in the beginning and adjust it down if necessary. It also allows us to minimize vacancy time.

We are very aggressive about collections. Tenant’s that have not paid by the 10th of the month are filed on in district court. We attend rent court every month at the earliest point in the month allowed.

We have a very strong lease. A good lease is critical to protecting your rights. Over the years we review and amend the lease to keep up with the market.

We have a long standing and loyal relationship with our sub-contractors and handymen. This is critical to getting fast service at the best price. Controlling maintenance cost must be an ongoing effort.

We thoroughly screen our prospects. We provide the necessary information for you make an informed decision about a prospective renter.

Our monthly management fee is $95.00 dollars per month. The fee for finding a new Tenant is $800.00. We DO NOT charge lease renewal fees, inspection fees, or fees to attend rent court.

I’m available at your convenience, to meet with you, and interview for the position of property manager. References will be made available upon request. My phone number is 410-836-8689 x 3 and my e-mail address is


Rick Hutchins